Scout About Shawl


Easy to wear, long, asymmetric triangular shawl….. this is my favorite shape of shawl to wear. It wraps at least twice around but doesn’t have that long triangular point that just always seems too big for me. I designed this especially for my new yarn base, ‘Sustain Me’ DK, that I am so excited about. It is a lovely yarn made from super soft 19.5 micron, long staple Merino wool. It is worsted spun to create a yarn that drapes beautifully  while at the same time has structure and good stitch definition. On top of all that, ‘Sustain Me’ is untreated and ethically sourced!!

This particular design uses textured stitch patterns that I think show off hand dyed, variegated yarns the best. The contrasting stripes are done with an extended stitch pattern that has the appearance of embroidery and gives the shawl a very Peruvian feel. I will be showcasing this yarn base as well as the pattern during the DFW Yarn Crawl and then will publish to Ravelry. Come see me… I would love to meet you and talk yarns!!

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